Handsontable Pro 1.13.0 (CE 0.34.0) released

Release / August 2, 2017

Today we are happy to announce that Handsontable Pro 1.13.0 (Community Edition 0.34.0) is finally released. In this version we have (...)

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Handsontable Pro 1.12.0 (CE 0.33.0) released

Release / July 11, 2017

Today we are happy to announce that Handsontable Pro 1.12.0 (Community Edition 0.33.0) is finally released. In this version we have (...)

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Handsontable Pro 1.11.0 (CE 0.32.0) released

Release / May 31, 2017

We initially released this version of Handsontable on May 17 in a form of a public beta. We wanted to make sure that after we replaced (...)

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What You Should Know About Cell Types

Recipes / May 30, 2017

Handsontable easily handles several types of data that can be applied to particular cells, rows, columns, or the entire grid at once (...)

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Improvements to API and important bug fixes - Handsontable Pro 1.11.0-beta2 (CE 0.32.0-beta2)

Release / May 24, 2017

Today we have released Handsontable PRO 1.11.0-beta2 (CE 0.32.0-beta2) (...)

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New compiler and enhancements for IE - Handsontable Pro 1.11.0-beta1 (CE 0.32.0-beta1)

Release / May 17, 2017

We are happy to announce that today we have released Handsontable (...)

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An Interview with Mirko Lorenz from Datawrapper

Resources / April 13, 2017

Have you ever heard about Datawrapper? If you are a journalist working in a fast-paced environment I am sure you have. Datawrapper (...)

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Open Source Slack Alternatives

Resources / March 30, 2017

Whether you are a small business or a thriving company you definitely need a good and effective communication channel that will bring (...)

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Best Resources To Learn JavaScript

Resources / March 15, 2017

Let’s say you want to start working with Handsontable but you don’t know JavaScript. You will soon face the obvious question – where do (...)

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Most Interesting Open Data Sources

Resources / March 07, 2017

In this post I wanted to introduce you to some of the most interesting open data sources available online. And I’m hoping it is going (...)

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Best Chart Libraries for 2017

Tools / February 27, 2017

We recently did a roundup of the best online spreadsheet software for 2017, but while spreadsheets are undeniably great for managing data (...)

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Best Online Spreadsheets for 2017

Tools / February 14, 2017

The internet has brought many benefits to most industries, with the most striking for businesses being online collaboration. Various (...)

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How to Build a Custom Version of Handsontable

Recipes / January 26, 2017

One of the key features of Handsontable is its scalability. As a modular library, Handsontable - when paired with the hot-builder - allows you to (...)

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Getting Started with Cell Renderers

Recipes / December 28, 2016

Adapting Handsontable may be challenging, especially if your spreadsheet looks more like a fully-featured application, and not a typical spreadsheet (...)

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Top 9 NoSQL Cloud Platforms to Store Your Data

Tools / December 6, 2016

Any organisation using a database to store, manage and sort information will - at some stage - need to consider moving the database onto a cloud (...)

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Customize Handsontable Context Menu

Recipes / November 8, 2016

We distinguish two most common ways to manipulate the spreadsheet and its contents. One is by using external controls like buttons utilizing the (...)

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Organising Your Life With Spreadsheets

Tools / October 25, 2016

If you're a die-hard fan of spreadsheets you need no reminding of how awesome they are for keeping things organised, and keeping tabs on virtually (...)

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Essential Tips for Building an Add-On Marketplace

Startups / October 7, 2016

The practice of extending the functionality of a product - physical or digital - through the use of add-ons and plugins is not new, nor is the (...)

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10 Suggestions to Boost Your B2B Software Sales

Startups / September 21, 2016

Business-to-Business (B2B) sales are a core component of many business strategies, not only because they can signal the start of a long-term (...)

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What Did I Learn During My Internship at Handsoncode

Culture / August 23, 2016

First year of university has ended, and its time go back and return to my hometown Gdynia in Poland. This summer I aim to intern at the (...)

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Why You Will Never Give Up Spreadsheets

Startups / July 29, 2016

The electronic spreadsheet has been around in some form or other since 1962, with use becoming more widespread in the 1980s following the release of VisiCalc (...)

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4 Ways to Handle Read-only Cells

Recipes / July 15, 2016

Handsontable enables you to change and manipulate data. But every spreadsheet has its constants, such as data from external sources. Regardless of (...)

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Why Outsourcing is Important for Your Startup

Startups / June 28, 2016

There are a great many definitions of what a startup is, but the one I like the most is the one found at Investopedia, which states: A startup is a (...)

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Easy Ways to Sort Different Types of Data in Your App

Recipes / June 7, 2016

Have you ever wondered if you could store your data with various units and sort them really easily in Handsontable? Of course you can. You don't have to (...)

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The Most Common Causes of Failed Open-Source Software Projects

Startups / April 29, 2016

Nobody has ever achieved success without making some mistakes, and writing off a few failures. But just as we (hopefully) learn from our own mistakes, we (...)

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Expand Your App with Cell Dependencies

Recipes / April 18, 2016

Data entered into the spreadsheet may often contain some cell dependencies. For example, you might want to make one cell’s value dependant on another (...)

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A Complete Guide to Changing Size of Handsontable

Recipes / March 31, 2016

One of the basic things you can do with Handsontable is adjusting it to the existing layout. In this article I will guide you through the configuration (...)

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5 Successful Business Models For Web-Based Open-Source Projects

Startups / March 8, 2016

Even if you don't imagine your open-source project becoming next year's hottest unicorn, all but the smallest of open-source projects are always at risk of (...)

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3 Ways To Hide Rows In Handsontable

Recipes / March 1, 2016

There are many situations in which you may want to prevent one or more specific rows from being displayed. Such hidden rows will still exist in the data set but you will be able to (...)

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What To Expect When Switching From Open-Source To Commercial

Startups / February 22, 2016

There is no handbook to guide you should you ever decide to move your software product from open-source to a commercial model.

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