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With a perpetual license, you can use Handsontable indefinitely for a one-time fee. You get access to all software updates and technical support for 12 months following the purchase. After that, you can optionally renew your support plan.

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Common questions
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Does my license limit the number of my end users?

If you subscribed to an Essential plan, there's a limit of 50 end users. If you bought a custom license, the terms depend on your contract.

What's included in technical support?

You can submit 2 support requests a month, and access the Handsontable developer forum. We'll provide guidance on your Handsontable implementation, and clear up any doubts about the Handsontable API and documentation.

Who is a developer?

A developer is any employee or contractor who works directly with the Handsontable source code, carrying out any activities related to integrating Handsontable with your application.

What is an application module?

A module is a part of your application that meets a specific need of your end user. For example, a CMS application like Wordpress can have modules such as “User management”, “Content management”, and “Admin panel”. Another example could be an HR application with modules such as “Employees”, “Resumes”, and “Travel requests”.

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes, on integrating or improving your implementation of our software. We work either remotely or on-site (in Europe/US). We price each consulting service individually.

Can I use Handsontable free of charge?

You can use it for non-commercial purposes, such as research or private study. You can also use Handsontable for free during a 30-day evaluation period.