What’s new in Handsontable: March 2023

Beata Mówka News / March 30, 2023

What’s new in Handsontable: March 2023

In this roundup, we’ll dive into the latest releases and projects from Handsontable. These include a new Handsontable release that provides better support for React 18 and larger datasets and an upgraded version of HyperFormula that has improved user experience with named expressions.

We’ll also update you on our team’s progress in making our component more accessible and share our plans for upcoming conference appearances this year.

New product releases

This month we released Handsontable 12.3.3, which features improved support for React 18 and the ability to handle larger datasets. It also includes several bug fixes, performance improvements, and Chinese translation for the context menu.

We also launched HyperFormula 2.3.1 earlier this month, which provides an enhanced user experience with named expressions. Using clear and simple naming conventions makes even complex calculations more manageable and easier to understand.

Check out our demo using named expressions and read our blog post for more information.

Accessibility is a priority

We’re committed to making our component accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. In March, we completed the first part of the work on header navigation and are currently testing JAWS, a screen reader software, to ensure those visually impaired users can benefit from the enhanced experienced that our components bring.

Handsontable team on the road

We’re excited to participate in several conferences throughout the year, starting with JSNation in Amsterdam on June 1-5, 2023. These events offer an excellent opportunity to connect with peers and contribute to the broader JavaScript community.

We also plan to attend other conferences, so stay tuned for updates.

We’re hiring!

We’re looking for an experienced Senior DevOps Engineer to join our team as we continue to grow. Check out our job posting if you’re interested in helping us build the most developer-friendly data editor for web applications.

New content on the blog

We regularly update our blog with articles, tutorials, and tips on using our components effectively. Our recent articles cover HyperFormula’s functionality and whether it’s better to build or buy a data grid component for your web application.

What is Handsontable?

For those who are unfamiliar, Handsontable is a JavaScript data grid component used to collect data from external sources or edit existing data in a database. It was first released on GitHub in 2012 and has been developed and maintained by the community and our team ever since.

Visit our official documentation to learn more about Handsontable.