Handsontable 12.4.0: Auto-updating formulas

Mathilda Hartnell Release Notes / May 23, 2023

Handsontable 12.4.0: Auto-updating formulas

Our latest release adds support for dynamic, auto-updating formulas.

Auto-updating formulas added

Starting with this version, users can now modify their tables on the fly, with addresses in formulas updating themselves accordingly. Previously, formulas wouldn’t follow changes to columns and cells. Thanks to a deepened integration with HyperFormula’s CRUD operations, even large edits to your data tables are now possible; your formulas will remain accurate.

You can try it for yourself. In the following demo, click and hold the D column, and drag it elsewhere: the related formula (marked in blue) gets updated accordingly. You can also play around with moving the other columns to see both formulas update instantly.

Additionally, we have fixed an outstanding bug related to date string formatting. A format mismatch between Handsontable and Hyperformula caused the error, which we have eliminated.

Undo/Redo now works in React

We were alerted to an error that would clear HyperFormula’s undo/redo stack whenever a prop was changed. We have fixed the issue by changing how the plugin reacts to new changes passed through the updateSettings() method.

Improved copy/paste to Excel

Community member @harveycubewise (many thanks!) submitted a pull request changing our copy-paste behavior to better handle whitespace characters. Because of this, copying data from Handsontable to Excel is now improved.

Release notes 

What we added

What we fixed

  • Fixed numerous issues related to syncing Handsontable with HyperFormula. Now, formulas work properly with all the Handsontable features. #10215
  • Fixed an issue where formulas didn’t recalculate after rows or columns were moved. #4668
  • Fixed an issue where Handsontable’s dates didn’t sync correctly with HyperFormula’s dates. #10085
  • Fixed an issue where calling updateSettings() would reset HyperFormula’s undo/redo actions stack. #10326
  • Fixed an issue where the AutofillTrimRows and Formulas plugins didn’t work properly together. #10200
  • Fixed an issue where the modifySourceData hook used the wrong type of indexes. #10215
  • Fixed an issue where text copied from Handsontable to Excel included the wrong types of spaces. #10017
  • Fixed an issue where mousing over the same cell twice didn’t trigger the beforeOnCellMouseOver and afterOnCellMouseOver hooks. #10321
  • Updated TypeScript definition files related to the CustomBorders plugin. #10360
  • Fixed an issue where moving rows manually to the bottom was difficult due to the misalignment between the backlight and guideline elements. #9556