Brand guidelines

Style guidelines

These brand guidelines are meant to improve our products brand communication. Your help through adherence to our guidelines is very much appreciated.

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Handsontable ® is a registered trademark. The brand package and other brand materials available on this website are owned by Handsoncode.

Logo variations


Use whenever you can.


For small spaces and low resolution screens.


Used mainly in social media and small spaces.

Colour invertions


Standard black and white version of our logo.


Standard white and black version of our logo.


Handsontable glyph should keep at least 25% of its height of free space.

Handsontable logo has an invisible space around it. From top of it please keep free space for of at least full height of the logo.

Handsontable monogram should keep free space for of at least full height of the logo.

In writing


It is spelled as a single word with capital H and lower case afterwards.


In this variation remember an invisible marker space around the text.

Inappropriate spelling

Hands on table
Handsome table

Artworks and terms


Our consent to your use of the brand materials available on this website does not extend to artworks (images, drawings, illustrations) or other content.

General terms

Your use of Content is governed by Terms of Use and subject to these brand guidelines.