Data grid features
with spreadsheet look & feel

David Wolever
"Handsontable was a perfect fit because it looks and feels just like Excel, a tool teachers are already familiar with."
David Wolever, CTO at Akindi

Making development easier and faster

Support for frameworks

Handsontable is available for most popular frameworks, including Angular, React, Vue and it includes a TypeScript definition file.

Data security

With Handsontable you can keep all your business data on your own servers. Bind any given data source by passing data in the JSON format.

Easy to learn

Don't spend hours only to start your project. With Handsontable you're ready to go within minutes. Use cascade configuration to adjust Handsontable to your business needs.


Handsontable performs great in all modern browsers and has backward compatibility for IE9-11.

High efficiency

Handsontable is designed to handle hundreds of thousands of cells at peak performance. Search, sort, or filter data without delays or slowdowns.

Support included

Need help using Handsontable? Get access to dedicated support or browse our easy-to-follow tutorials and detailed documentation.

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