What’s new in Handsontable 9.0.2

Jakub Wiśniewski Release Notes / July 28, 2021

What’s new in Handsontable 9.0.2

We just released Handsontable 9.0.2. This update addresses a few important issues, contains fixes for Vue, React, and Angular users, and adds our new documentation engine.

Issues that we addressed

Since version 9.0.1, we fixed some bugs and addressed a few important issues.

If you use the nestedHeaders plugin, you’ll see that:

  • You no longer have issues with horizontal scrolling after you hide columns. #8370
  • If you initialize Handsontable with data any other than an array of objects (or no data at all), the nestedHeaders plugin gets automatically disabled. #8337

In #8002, we changed the behavior of multiple functional keys. This is to prevent unexpected editing, and align Handsontable’s UX with the one your end users know from Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or OpenOffice.

When you use the updateSettings() method to update your columns, the column header doesn’t get cut in half anymore (#7689):

Handsontable fixed column header


Apart from that, collapsibleIndicator no longer goes missing in Internet Explorer (#8028), and using the toHTML() method with either only colHeaders or only rowHeaders enabled doesn’t cause an error anymore (#8041).

Vue, React, and Angular wrapper fixes

All three Handsontable wrappers (Vue, React, and Angular) get a new isDestroyed check. Thanks to this, if you try to use an already-destroyed Handsontable instance, you’ll now get this warrning message (instead of errors): “The Handsontable instance bound to this component was destroyed and cannot be used properly.” (#8313)

Also, if you use the Handsontable Vue wrapper—adding new rows no longer inserts additional, undesired rows at the end of the table. (#8241)

New documentation engine

You may have heard about the recent refresh of the Handsontable documentation (if not, head to handsontable.com/docs to experience it yourself!). That refresh was possible thanks to a completely new documentation engine, based on our custom implementation of VuePress.

In Handsontable 9.0.2, we’re officially adding this new documentation toolstack to Handsontable’s monorepo.

Release notes: what we added

  • Added new documentation engine #7624

Release notes: what we fixed

  • Fixed an issue with an error being thrown when lazy loading columns on a setup with Nested Headers + Hidden Columns. #7160
  • Fixed column header sizes not being updated on updateSettings calls containing columns#7689
  • Fixed functional keys’ behavior, to prevent unexpected editing. #7838
  • Fixed missing collapsible indicator on IE. #8028
  • Fixed support for row and column headers in the parseTable utility. #8041
  • Fixed a bug where not providing a data object with the nestedRow plugin enabled crashed the table. #8171
  • Vue: Fixed an issue, where adding rows to a Handsontable instance wrapped for Vue resulted in additional rows being inserted at the end of the table. #8148
  • Vue: Fixed a problem in the Vue wrapper, where destroying the underlying Handsontable instance caused it to throw errors and crash. #8311
  • React: Fixed a problem in the React wrapper, where destroying the underlying Handsontable instance caused it to throw errors and crash. #8311
  • Angular: Fixed a problem in the Angular wrapper, where destroying the underlying Handsontable instance caused it to throw errors and crash. #8311

If you’re looking for release notes for Hansdsontable 9.0.1, you’ll find them here.