What’s new in HyperFormula 1.3.0

Jakub Wiśniewski HyperFormula / October 20, 2021

What’s new in HyperFormula 1.3.0

Good news! Today, we’re releasing HyperFormula 1.3.0: an incremental update that brings two useful changes and fixes a few bugs along the way.

Easily access HyperFormula’s default configuration

HyperFormula comes with a long list of tweakable configuration options. They help you customize your HyperFormula usage—e.g. by enabling the array arithmetic mode, setting date formats, or setting calculations’ precision level.

Sometimes, though, you need to find out what the default configuration is. To make this easier for you, we added a new static property to the HyperFormula class: HyperFormula.defaultConfig. The defaultConfig property holds all of HyperFormula’s default configuration options.

Use getFillRangeData() with two different sheets

The getFillRangeData() method lets you take a range of cells, and use it to fill another range of cells, while properly extending the range (using a wrap-around heuristic).

Starting from HyperFormula 1.3.0, the getFillRangeData() method doesn’t bind you to a single sheet anymore. You can use two different sheets: one sheet for your source range of cells, and another sheet for your target range of cells.

Release notes: what we added

Release notes: what we fixed

  • Fixed the handling of Unicode characters and non-letter characters in the PROPER function. #811
  • Fixed unnecessary warnings caused by deprecated configuration options. #830
  • Fixed the SUMPRODUCT function. #810


The HyperFormula JavaScript calculation engine project was co-financed from European Union funds under the European Regional Development Funds as a part of the Smart Growth Operational Programme. Project implemented as a part of the National Centre for Research and Development: Fast Track.

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