Handsontable Pro 1.15.1 (CE 0.35.1) released

Aleksandra Budnik Release Notes / January 25, 2018

Handsontable Pro 1.15.1 (CE 0.35.1) released

Today we have released a new version of Handsontable Pro/CE. This time we focused on fixing small bugs and making enhancements. Also, thanks to @buggythepirate@madoar@ckruhs, we have been able to add a new translation in German.


  • Fixed an inconsistency with input formatting. The numericFormatshould now be used only to format the output, not the input data. (#4706)
  • Fixed a bug, where the language property was not a part of the settings object prototype. (#4686)
  • Rewritten the DragToScroll plugin to ES6. (#4626)
  • The Context Menu was expanded horizontally by 15px. (#4657)
  • Fixed a bug, where pressing the ESC key did not close the Context Menu. (#4585)
  • Fixed a problem with the afterValidate hook’s arguments with trimRows enabled. (#4568 and #23)
  • Added missing changes for the language support. (#4709)
  • Added a German language pack. (#4669)
  • Added the Code of Conduct file to the repo. (#4718)
  • Updated the moment version because of a ReDoS vulnerability. (#4677)
  • Handsontable Pro: Fixed a problem, where the language files were not generated properly in some specific cases. (#23)

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