Handsontable Pro 1.11.0 (CE 0.32.0) released

Aleksandra Budnik Release Notes / May 31, 2017

Handsontable Pro 1.11.0 (CE 0.32.0) released

We initially released this version of Handsontable on May 17 in a form of a public beta. We wanted to make sure that after we replaced Traceur with Babel, everything still works properly. We found and fixed some severe issues and released another beta version on May 24. Today we are happy to announce that Handsontable Pro 1.11.0 (Community Edition 0.32.0) is finally out the door. Apart from an important change under the hood, we improved the experience of scrolling the table with fixed columns (and rows) on Internet Explorer. See the complete list of changes below:

Breaking changes:

  • Migration from Traceur to Babel. (#4070)

We’re now using Babel to transpile our code. That means that we had to make breaking changes, please take a look if you have to make some adjustments in your implementation before moving to this version.

  • The Bootstrap CSS files were merged to Handsontable’s default CSS.
  • The /plugins directory was deleted (with the “removeRow plugin” included)
  • Some global variables were reorganized and/or removed. Please take a look.



Cell types




  • Changed the way in which custom cell types are being registered.

We improved the public API to give developers an ability to register cell behaviors and types separately. We strongly recommend to use a registered alias in Handsontable settings to increase the code maintainability.

An example on how to add a custom editor/renderer/validator:

Handsontable.cellTypes.registerCellType('my-custom-select', {
    editor: MyCustomSelectEditor,
    renderer: MyCustomSelectRenderer,
    validator: MyCustomSelectValidator,

Handsontable.validators.registerValidator('credit-card', function(query, callback) {
    callback(/* passed `true` or `false` depending on a query value */);

new Handsontable(document.getElementById('element'), {
    data: data,
    columns: [{
        data: 'id',
        type: 'my-custom-select'
    }, {
        data: 'name',
        renderer: 'my-custom-select'
    }, {
        data: 'cardNumber',
        validator: 'credit-card'

Other changes:

  • Fixed documentation for the autoRowSize config option. (#4267)
  • Fixed documentation for the cells config option (#4185).
  • Fixed a problem with the maxRows functionality (#4180).
  • Fixed a problem with the maxCols functionality (#4156).
  • Fixed a bug, where entering integer values to a dropdown caused the cell to be marked as invalid (#4143).
  • Added the TypeScript definitions to the repository (#4112).
  • Fixed a bug with getCoords throwing an error when used on non-cell elements (#4074).
  • Data copied from the table will no longer have a newline at the end (#3801).
  • Fixed a problem with scrolling on IE9+ (#2350).
  • Fixed a wrong variable in a listener of the mouse wheel event (#4255).
  • Fixed an issue related to defining a cell metadata for non-existing cells (#4024).

The corresponding Handsontable Pro version is 1.11.0.

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