Handsontable 5.0.2 released

Peter Plesa Release Notes / September 12, 2018

Handsontable 5.0.2 released

Today we’ve released version 5.0.2 of Handsontable (CE/Pro). This version brings with it a fix for the bug that was causing the window to scroll to the top of the page when selecting cells in different columns. We’ve also corrected a pesky typo in the handsontable.d.ts file. The rest of the fixes were minor in nature, as we’ve been concentrating most of our time and energy on the new feature that we’re planning to release around the end of the month.


  • Fixed a bug with column headers improperly rendering after expanding a previously-collapsed column. (#105)
  • Fixed a bug where editor focusing caused the window to scroll. (#5220)
  • Fixed a problem where double-clicking the fill handle filled the cells towards the left instead of down. (#5023)
  • Fixed a bug where editing a cell showed improper values after sorting and using the setDataAtRowProp method. (#4289)
  • Fixed a problem with editing autocomplete-typed cells after using similar cells in a different Handsontable instance. (#3374)
  • Corrected a typo in AutoColumnSize typescript definition file. (#5364)
  • Fixed a bug with calculating how many rows/columns need to be rendered. (#5365)
  • Finished the ESLint warning correction task (#107, #137, #4536), which included resolving problems with:

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