Handsontable 4.0.0 is now available

Aleksandra Budnik Release Notes / June 13, 2018

Handsontable 4.0.0 is now available

We are introducing a new version of Handsontable (CE/Pro) 4.0.0. This time we have focused almost solely on enhancing the support for Input Method Editors (IME) that are very popular in East Asia. It turned out to be much bigger task than we initially anticipated, mainly due to the large number of tests we had to conduct across various browsers and operating systems.

Other tasks addressed in this version are connected with filtering, sorting and formatting numbers. The latter required us to update Numbro, which we use to handle the formatting and manipulating numbers.

There is also one new language, Norwegian, suggested, examined and accepted by our community. Thanks guys!

Breaking changes

  • Changed the default values for the following configuration options (#5135):
    • autoInsertRow (was: true, is: false)
    • autoWrapCol (was: false, is: true)
    • autoWrapRow (was: false, is: true)
  • Updated Numbro to its latest version. (#5081#77)

In order to keep your implementation working correctly, you need to update the Numbro 2.x-compatible language files.

For more information on those, take a look at the Numbro documentation.


  • Updated the API documentation about the language settings. (#5099)
  • Added a Norwegian translation to Handsontable. (#4694)
  • Fixed a problem with the IME API, where an unwanted first character remained in the editor. (#4662)
  • Fixed a bug, where there was a way to break the allowInvalid option, by making two editors active. (#4551)
  • Fixed a problem with incomplete table rendering after sorting columns. (#4062)
  • Fixed a problem with the filtering menu state after using any checkboxes in the table. (#4780#72)

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