Handsontable 12.3.0: Copying cells with headers

Jakub Wiśniewski Release Notes / December 14, 2022

Handsontable 12.3.0: Copying cells with headers

We’ve just released version 12.3.0 of Handsontable, our JavaScript data grid with a spreadsheet UI. This version adds a new feature and brings a few bug fixes.

New feature: Copying cells with headers

Starting with Handsontable 12.3.0, you can copy the contents of column headers, in various configurations. This lets your users add the context to any data copied from Handsontable into other apps. It’s a solution typically seen in SQL editors.

Image showing a new Handsontable data grid feature -  copy cells with  headers
Image showing copy cells with header feature in action. Handsontable 12.3.0 data grid.

To enable this feature, set the new copyPaste configuration options:

copyPaste: {
  // enable the "Copy with headers" option in the context menu
  copyColumnHeaders: true,
  // enable the "Copy with group headers" option in the context menu
  copyColumnGroupHeaders: true,
  // enable the "Copy headers only" option in the context menu
  copyColumnHeadersOnly: true,

Copying cells with headers API

You can also copy column headers by using Handsontable’s API. We extended the copyPaste.copy() method to take new, optional arguments:

// copy the selected cells along with their nearest column headers

// copy the selected cells along with all their related columns headers
// (works with column groups)

// copy the column headers nearest to the selected cells
// (without copying the cells themselves)

Translations for the context menu

Since the context menu has been extended with new items, we’re now in the process of translating them into nineteen languages that are officially supported.

We’ve already asked the community for help on GitHub and covered Arabic, Czech, English, Spanish, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Dutch, and Polish. All thanks to the following developers (thanks guys!):

If you feel like giving us a hand with some of the remaining translations, please do so in this GitHub issue.

Release notes

What we added:

What we fixed:

  • Fixed an issue where the UndoRedo plugin didn’t work properly with preconfigured columns. (#10108)
  • Fixed an issue where formulas inserted programmatically by using updateData() were not evaluated. (#10011)
  • Fixed a regression where setting a column’s type could overwrite other custom-defined settings. (#10128)
  • Fixed an issue where Handsontable didn’t render properly when initialized inside of a hidden container. (#5322)
  • Fixed an issue of desynchronization between configuration options (cell meta) and Handsontable’s data. The issue occurred when Handsontable’s options were modified through the following hooks: beforeCreateRowafterCreateRowbeforeCreateCol, and afterCreateCol. (#10136)
  • Fixed an issue where comments added to fixed columns didn’t display properly after scrolling. (#9645)
  • Fixed an issue where typing in a dropdown editor caused the IME to disappear, resulting in the wrong characters being typed. (#9672)
  • React: Fixed an issue where dropdown cells weren’t validated properly when using the HotColumn component. (#10065)