nuvo provides AI-assisted, secure, and scalable solutions for Excel and CSV data transformations and ingestion. Importing external data can be a time-consuming and inefficient process, and the company's mission is to make it effortless.

nuvo's Data Importer SDK is an embeddable self-service importer that allows businesses and their clients to effortlessly map, validate, clean, and import spreadsheet data. The solution can be fully white-labelled and customized to fit the target applications' requirements.

Some of its main benefits include:

  • Complete package: Clients get more than just a powerful product - they also get excellent customer support, regular updates, and new features. They always have someone to advise them on their existing data import use case, as well as setting up new ones.
  • Intuitive UI: The Data Importer offers a seamless data import experience also for non-technical users.
  • Smart tool: Imported columns are automatically mapped to the data schema columns using nuvo's AI algorithm that improves with every import.
  • Advanced data validation and cleaning: Automatically validates and reformats data into the required format.
  • High accessibility and customizability: The Data Importer is flexible and customizable, providing options like multiple language support and flexible styling. It's compatible with all the popular JavaScript frameworks, so it is easy to integrate into any system.
  • Data privacy: nuvo offers a unique solution that processes all data within the front end of the target application. This means that no sensitive data passes through nuvo's servers at any stage.

The Challenge

Most software businesses rely on external data to function. Whether a CRM, an HR management, or an ERP system - customers' data must be imported first before the software provides its users with value.

At the same time, many of them struggle with importing external data from customers, vendors, and suppliers into their systems. It often requires manual data reformatting and building custom scripts. And this, in turn, causes frustration for clients and internal teams due to lengthy onboarding cycles.

They also receive the data in various shapes and formats. One of the major aspects product and engineering teams struggle with is building an importer that can handle various use cases and also cover edge cases.

As a result, the engineering team ends up using significant resources for data imports instead of developing the core product further.

The Solution

nuvo provides a flexible and powerful importer that covers every client's edge cases without wasting additional engineering efforts. The non-technical UI even allows businesses to offer their clients self-service data onboarding.

nuvo chose Handsontable because they needed an intuitive spreadsheet UI to display the imported and parsed data, but didn't want to build a grid from scratch. They wanted good customer support and a performant and efficient solution, which they found in Handsontable. The JavaScript data grid's custom-made abilities and optimization also made it a great choice for nuvo.

Handsontable is a crucial component of nuvo's Data Importer. The data grid has an Excel look and feel, making it familiar and easy to use for non-tech users. And according to nuvo, Handsontable is easy to implement, well-documented, and highly customizable. All of this means that nuvo can painlessly introduce Excel-like features, such as the well-known drag-and-drop functionality, into their tool.

The most valuable Handsontable features for nuvo include data type support, which helps with data importing, and performance for handling large amounts of data. With a variety of built-in cell types and the potential of Handsontable's custom cell renderer, nuvo can define column data types such as integer, float, boolean, dates, timestamp, dropdown, email, and many more.

And on the technical side, Handsontable's performance is excellent, even for importing 100,000 up to millions of data point entries.

Quote To have so many data entries just on the front-end side in the browser, it needs to be really performant and efficient. And we found a way to optimize it by working together with Handsontable.

The Result: Data imports automated

nuvo's clients are extremely happy with the Data Importer. They are impressed by the intuitive UI, extensive feature set, AI-supported mapping capabilities, and quick implementation. They are delighted with how the product helps to automate complex data imports and save engineering resources.

By implementing Handsontable, nuvo was able to launch their product faster, saving time and money on development and maintenance. So they could focus on developing their core capabilities of solving complex data importing and restructuring problems for their users.

Handsontable has helped them:

  • Reduce development time by 40%, saving around one to two months of work
  • Solve issues related to data types, performance, and usability that would have been difficult or impossible to achieve with a custom-built table
  • Get a solid and stable partner that has moved and changed with the product's requirements and avoided breaking or replacing dependencies

nuvo is very satisfied with Handsontable and would recommend it to anyone who wants to build a scalable product that requires an intuitive and smart spreadsheet UI with advanced functionalities, high performance, and built-in data type support. They appreciate the overall support and the future-proof capabilities that Handsontable offers.

Quote We have the table in the middle, and we've built our product around it. Handsontable is easy to implement, well documented, really customizable, and just good for our purpose.

Ben Hartig

Ben Hartig

Co-founder/CTO at nuvo