The React Data Grid
with Excel's Look & Feel

Handsontable provides spreadsheet features such as editing, sorting, filtering, navigation, and more.

It comes with 380+ functions of a built-in formula engine.

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What our customers say
See why companies large and small love using Handsontable in their business apps

„We recommend Handsontable without hesitation, especially if the project requires to handle large amounts of data.”

Julio de la Calle

Architect at Social Point

„Handsontable was a perfect fit because it looks and feels just like Excel, a tool teachers are already familiar with.”

David Wolever

CTO at Akindi

„We've found Handsontable to be a good partner: easy to work with and attentive to the specifications of our product.”

Craig Scribner

CEO at Tracking First

Framework-agnostic component

React, Vue, and Angular became more than just time savers: they're industry standards. That's why Handsontable supports you regardless of your project's framework, thanks to:

  • Easy and intuitive configuration
  • Flexibility for non-trivial cases
  • TypeScript definition file for faster development
  • Frequent updates and bug fixes
  • Competent technical support

All spreadsheet features

When you work with Handsontable, it's like you're working with Excel or Google Sheets. There's no steep learning curve – you can start working effectively from day one.

„Handsontable had the greatest documentation, and an impressive feature set"

Alain Escaffre, VP at Nuxeo

Designed to perform

You can finally work with large volumes of data without worrying about performance issues. Large companies and startups across industries use Handsontable to build applications critical to their business.