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Handsontable is your scalable spreadsheet solution for creating awesome apps

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Installs in just a minute with speedy setup.

Easy to learn

Includes comprehensive docs and loads of examples.

Easy to extend

Comes with composite architecture for creating custom plugins.

Beyond the grid

Handsontable is your scalable spreadsheet solution for creating awesome apps. This out-of-the-box solution comes with the CLI tool, so you can build out your creation with as many plugins as you want. What's more, Handsontable is a blank canvas so you can create your own look and feel.

Handsontable composite architecture
GitHub Octocat in a box

Open source

Since its first launch on GitHub in 2012, thousands of users contributed to Handsontable development. It has transformed from a basic tool to an essential data grid technology for many industries, including finance, retail, technology and science.

Multiple versions

Handsontable is written in pure JavaScript and is also available with AngularJS directive and Polymer components. We're working on adding even more integrations, with front-end frameworks and better support for back-end technologies.

ngHandsontable / hot-table
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Powerful features

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