JavaScript Data GridTime cell type

Use the time cell type to display, format, and validate values as times. The time cell type uses Moment.js as a time formatter.


To use the time cell type, set the type: 'time' option in the columns array or the cells function. The time cell uses Moment.js (opens new window) as the time formatter, therefore you must add the following required dependency:

<script src=""></script>

All data entered into the time-typed cells is eventually validated against the default time format - h:mm:ss a, which translates to, for example, 9:30:00 am unless another format is provided as the timeFormat. If you enable the correctFormat configuration option, the values will be automatically formatted to match the desired time format.


By default, the values entered into the time-type column are not validated, so if you want them to display in the proper format, remember to call hot.validateCells() after the table initialization.

Basic example