JavaScript Data GridRow trimming

Hide individual rows from your interface and exclude them from the rendering process and DataMap.


Row trimming is similar to row hiding, but works a bit differently.

The TrimRows plugin allows the trimming of specific rows from the table. Rows being trimmed aren't rendered and aren't included in the DataMap, which can be retrieved by calling the getData method.


To enable row trimming, set the trimRows option to true.

// enable the `TrimRows` plugin
trimRows: true,

To both enable row trimming and trim selected rows at Handsontable's initialization, set the trimRows option to an array of physical row indexes.

// enable the `TrimRows` plugin
// at Handsontable's initialization, trim rows 5, 10, and 15
trimRows: [5, 10, 15],


Note that the second, third, and sixth rows are missing in the following example:

    API examples

    The plugin instance can be accessed by calling:

    const plugin = hot.getPlugin('trimRows');

    To trim a single row, call the trimRow() method of the plugin object:


    To trim multiple rows, either pass them as arguments to the trimRow() method, or pass an array of physical row indexes to the trimRows() method:

    plugin.trimRow(0, 4, 6);
    // or
    plugin.trimRows([0, 4, 6]);

    To restore the trimmed row(s), use the following methods:

    plugin.untrimRow(0, 4, 6);
    plugin.untrimRows([0, 4, 6]);

    To see the changes made, call hot.render(); to re-render the table.