JavaScript Data GridIntroduction

Handsontable is a popular JavaScript data grid component that brings the well-known look and feel of spreadsheets to your application.

You can use Handsontable for all types of data-rich, accessible applications, empowering users to enter, edit, validate, and process data from various sources, including remote sources like databases and APIs, as well as HTML documents, Excel files, Google Sheets, and manual input.

Getting started 🚀

Use Handsontable with plain JavaScript, TypeScript, or your favorite framework. This guide will walk you through the basics, from installation to creating your first data grid.

Examples with SSR

What can I use Handsontable for?

Think of Handsontable as an extensible framework that empowers you to quickly build tabular, data-oriented user interfaces tailored to your specific needs. With Handsontable, developers can efficiently tackle real-life problems by leveraging its flexibility and customization options.

Examples include:

  • In an internal financial application, an editable Handsontable-based grid simplifies importing hand-picked data from Excel and Google Sheets.
  • In a construction company's software, an interactive data table built with Handsontable helps users modify codes and standards tables.
  • At a hospital, Handsontable helps track and manage supplies.
  • A mobile game company uses Handsontable to streamline certain aspects of development.
  • In project management software, Handsontable allows for managers to collect weekly feedback from the team and customers.

Discover more about how Handsontable is used in different industries by visiting our Successful Customers (opens new window) page.

Types of software

Handsontable's built-in features make it a perfect fit for applications across different types of software.

  • Feature-rich spreadsheet software
  • Inventory management systems
  • Data modeling applications
  • Resource planning software (ERP)
  • Construction of digital platforms
  • Commission automation tools
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Reporting platforms
  • Data management systems

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Technical support

Implementing Handsontable requires a certain level of front-end development skills. If you need help and your support plan is active, contact our technical support (opens new window) or report an issue on GitHub (opens new window)

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