Disabled editing

Read-only cells vs non-editable cells

Non-editable cells behave like any other cells apart from preventing you from manually changing their values. You are still allowed to copy-paste or drag-to-fill the data. There is no additional CSS class added.

Non-editable columns

In many cases you will need to configure a certain column to be non-editable. Doing it does not change it's basic behaviour (apart from editing), which means you are still available to use keyboard navigation, CTRL+C and CTRL+V functionalities, drag-to-fill etc.

To make a column non-editable, declare it in the columns setting. You can also define a special renderer function that will dim the editor value.

Non-editable specific cells

The following example shows the table with non-editable cells containing the word “Nissan”. This property of the cell is optional and can be easily set in the configuration of Handsontable.

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Tutorial: Disabled editing