Trimming rows


The Trim Rows plugin allows trimming specific rows from the table. Rows being trimmed aren't included in a DataMap (gets by the getData method) and they aren't rendered.

Note: If you need to exclude some rows from rendering, but keep them in a DataMap use the HiddenRows plugin.


To enable the plugin, you need to set the trimRows property to an array of row indexes.
See the examples section for a live demo.


Notice, that the second, third and sixth rows are missing.

API examples

You can access the plugin instance by calling

var plugin = hot.getPlugin('trimRows');

To trim a single row, call the trimRow method of the plugin object:


To trim multiple rows, you can either pass them as arguments to the trimRow method, or pass an array of indexes to the trimRows method:

plugin.trimRow(0, 4, 6);
// or
plugin.trimRows([0, 4, 6]);

To restore the trimmed row(s), use the following methods:


plugin.untrimRow(0, 4, 6);

plugin.untrimRows([0, 4, 6]);

To see the changes you made, call hot.render(); to re-render the table.

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Tutorial: Trimming rows