Tutorial: Export to file

Export to file


The Export file plugin allows exporting the table content to a csv file or a string.
The plugin provides an API to do that, but doesn't force you to use a specific UI.

Quick setup

The plugin is enabled by default, so there is no additional configuration involved.

Export options

The plugin allows you to export the file as:

  • A String: exportPlugin.exportAsString('csv');
  • A blob object: exportPlugin.exportAsBlob('csv');
  • A downloadable .csv file: exportPlugin.downloadFile('csv', {filename: 'MyFile'});
  • A String with specified data range:
    exportPlugin.exportAsString('csv', {
      exportHiddenRows: true, // default false
      exportHiddenColumns: true, // default false
      columnHeaders: true, // default false
      rowHeaders: true, // default false
      columnDelimiter: ';', // default ','
      range: [1, 1, 6, 6] // [startRow, startColumn, endRow, endColumn]

Live examples

Result (Also displayed in the browser console):

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