Visible is an application to empower companies to tell the story of their data to their stakeholders, making it possible for companies to easily visualize and share their key performance indicators (KPI). The team behind Visible are guided by the founding mandate "to simplify the sharing, management, and reporting of data between startups and investors" even though Visible has since evolved to become a tool accessible to any professional, or business, needing to share KPIs with stakeholders. These include accounting firms, agencies, SMBs, and even sales, finance and marketing professionals, making Visible a comprehensive stakeholder management platform.

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The Challenge

The founders of Visible were themselves founders and investors, struggling with the problem of tracking investment performance, and managing communication between startups and investors. MS Excel and Google Sheets are ubiquitous and familiar to most everyone, but they both don't simplify the ability to track investments and KPIs and communicate with stakeholders. The founders of Visible wanted something that was as familiar as MS Excel and Google Sheets, without necessarily having to recreate it themselves, while at the same time it needed to integrate with other popular tools used by business to manage data and KPIs. Finally, Visible had to make it easy for businesses to tell their story to the people that matter.

The Solution

Handsontable was one of the first solutions the founders came across, and has been part of Visible since the very beginning. It provided the founders of Visible with something that was easy to implement, and made the input of data effortless for users. The use of Handsontable in Visible means that users have access to tools and functions they're already familiar with through MS Excel and Google Sheets, reducing the amount of friction involved in learning to use a new application. The Visible team also understood that businesses use a variety of tools to manage day-to-day operations, so it was crucial for Visible to be able to support integration with a number of popular applications such as Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Quickbooks, Zapier and Stripe.

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Results and Plans for Future

Handsontable remains one of the most popular ways to populate data in Visible, with customers interacting with Handsontable in Visible more than 5,000 times each month. Visible intends to continue making it easier for customers to get data into Visible, which may include additional integrations, and the ability to support formulas between different metrics. For the Visible team, the goal remains a simpler way to connect your data, create beautiful updates and engage with your stakeholders.

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Mike Preuss

Mike Preuss

CEO at Visible