Nuxeo is a software vendor providing a hyperscale digital asset platform. Their platform helps customers to make a fundamental shift to a new digital asset strategy that turns data into highly usable digital assets. Organizations can expand their content strategy beyond today’s limited and departmental use of digital assets to create new revenue streams, increase productivity, and drive their competitive advantage

The Challenge

Their goal was to find a solution that would allow bulk-editing of document metadata, and at the same time could provide a great user experience. Although it was the first time they offered this kind of tool to their users, the spreadsheet pattern seemed to be a good choice. Before the big search for the perfect grid, Alain Escaffre and the Nuxeo Team had thought of certain custom developments.

Nuxeo platform

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The Solution

One of the particularities of the Nuxeo Platform is that the content model is highly customizable, hence metadata editing can be done with very different widget editors such as drop downs, multiple drop downs, suggestors, calendars and others. Handsontable was so easy to implement they could incorporate the server's pre-configured data model into the grid without any problems.

Quote Handsontable had the greatest documentation, an impressive feature set, and very nice state of art packaging.

Nuxeo platform

Photo credit: Nuxeo

Results and Plans for Future

Thanks to Handsontable, users can install the Nuxeo Platform Spreadsheet add-on easily, and bulk-edit content just by dragging values, which is very natural for them. What is more, by controlling the cell editor it is possible to enforce all the business logic that is needed, which means having the comfort of the Excel-like experience with some strong business constraints. The next step will be integrating Handsontable with the brand new Nuxeo UI based on a Web Component framework: Polymer.

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