ClearPoint Strategy was born out of the need to make management reporting simple and efficient so that their customers can focus on making better decisions faster. In the bigger picture, the company helps organizations execute their strategic plans.

The ClearPoint app is a B2B dashboarding and reporting solution created to provide a centralized source of truth, letting customers track progress on their goals, measures, and strategic initiatives, while having the data they need to make important decisions.

The app's features include:

  • Strategic plan management to track objectives, measures, initiatives, and action items at the organization, department, and team levels.
  • Customized reports and dashboards that can show qualitative and quantitative information side by side.
  • Automation of the reporting process with automated data upload, update reminders, and report generation.
  • Calculations using data that can be linked and used across the account to avoid duplicates or conflicting measures.
  • Data visualization through customizable charts and graphs.
Strategic plan management summary

The Challenge

ClearPoint's customers tend to be mid-large enterprises, both non-profit and for-profit, in a range of industries, including healthcare, local government, and education. But their app is ideal for any organization looking for a better way to manage their reporting process.

The common link between ClearPoint's customers is that they want to efficiently execute their strategic goals. And they want to do this without spending a lot of time creating and formatting reports. They also want to present this information in a clear and attractive way so that it's easier to digest and share internally and externally with boards, leadership teams, and other stakeholders.

Since data is typically collected from different sources, a major challenge customers face is version control: they need to make sure the data they use is accurate. Another challenge is then formatting this information in the reports they create so that what they produce enables decision making.

The process of creating reports can take up a lot of time - something that customers could more productively spend executing their goals and projects.

Strategic objectives window

The Solution

ClearPoint knew from the start that their app would need a grid library. They didn't want to build their own though, because creating and maintaining it would take the focus away from their core product. They understood that investing in an independently maintained data grid would give them what they wanted: a reliable tool with the features they needed that allowed them to focus on developing their app and serving their customers.

After testing a couple of React-based grids, ClearPoint decided to go with Handsontable. The JavaScript data grid's core gave them what they needed to get started, while providing required customizations that could be implemented on demand.

Quote We chose Handsontable because it was easy to get up and running and use out of the box.

Equipped with Handsontable, the ClearPoint team has built an app that provides customers with:

  • A centralized location to collect and analyze strategic data.
  • Automation capabilities that make it easy to obtain the information they need throughout their organization.
  • Flexible and customizable reporting, allowing users to create any type of report they need.
  • Increased transparency by making it easy to find and share information, whether online, in a PDF, or on a public-facing website.

When it comes to using the app, Handsontable's shallow learning curve helps make it easy. The app's grids work like Excel spreadsheets with a smooth and familiar user experience.

Monthly revenue graphs and table

The Result: More accurate data in less time

The ClearPoint app provides transparency of the strategic planning process and its progress, resulting in access to better information. As an all-in-one tool, it saves users valuable time and lets them focus on their jobs rather than chasing down data.

Customer reviews are proof that ClearPoint is on the right track. They love the team and the product, and two of the top benefits they mention are the app's flexibility and customization.

As a Handsontable customer themselves, ClearPoint also feels the love. From being ready to go right out of the box to the potential for customization, they say there's nothing like it. From a business perspective, the most valuable part of implementing Handsontable has been how much time they continue to save. They don't have to keep their own grid library up to date. And as they make changes to their product, they don't have to revisit their tables over and over again to make sure they work.

Quote If you don't want to spend a lot of time customizing other libraries, Handsontable is the way to go.

What's next?

Looking towards the future, ClearPoint plans to leverage Handsontable's customizability by digging more into the different options they have to enhance the usability of their larger data grids, improving reporting for their customers.

Jenna Weaver

Jenna Weaver

Marketing Manager
at ClearPoint Strategy