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BitTitan is all about IT service providers. Whether you consider yourself a value-added reseller, system integrator, or managed services provider, their mission is to empower you to be more successful. They started with MigrationWiz, a tool to make cloud data migration easier, which they've transformed into MSPComplete, a platform that helps automate every aspect of your business: sales, service delivery, and ongoing customer management... but they claim to have proudly retained the basement-startup mentality of "getting things done and having fun while doing it!" With offices in Seattle and Singapore (and more coming soon), and hundreds of employees around the world, BitTitan delivers on their commitment to support the work/life balance of their employees and the 100,000+ IT professionals they serve.


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The Challenge

It all started when Dominic Pouzin, CTO of BitTitan, was struggling to find an easy solution to uploading a list of mailboxes to their cloud-based migration tool – MigrationWiz. The operation required bulk uploading, which could scale to tens of thousands of records. Additionally, it was supposed to provide interactive data editing and correction. He wasn't satisfied with bulk updates via CSV files, which didn't allow you to manipulate data in an interactive way.

The Solution

The BitTitan team started to search for a tool that would solve their main issues. They looked into different solutions, and finally settled with Handsontable. "We looked into different solutions, but Handsontable's flexibility, super-fast responses, and reliable cross-browser support won us over". The component met their expectations and soon helped them to upload millions of records in their other app - MSPComplete.

Quote We looked into different solutions, but Handsontable's flexibility, super-fast responses, and reliable cross-browser support won us over.


Photo credit: BitTitan

Results and Plans for Future

Thanks to choosing Handsontable, they could focus on their core IP: data migration and services for MSPComplete. It made it easy for users to upload up to 100k records in record-breaking time, with easy error highlighting and data correction. What seems funny is that the users, when presented with the Handsontable interface, at first couldn't understand that they could interact with it the same way as they would with a desktop-based application.

Quote It's not often that you see web widgets allowing fast, Excel-like interactivity. But that is indeed what you get with Handsontable.

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Dominic Pouzin

CTO at BitTitan

  • BitTitan Inc.
  • Seattle, United States
  • 200+ employees