React Data GridDropdownMenu


This plugin creates the Handsontable Dropdown Menu. It allows to create a new column at any place in the grid among other features. Possible values:

  • true (to enable default options),
  • false (to disable completely).

or array of any available strings:

  • ["col_left", "col_right", "remove_col", "---------", "undo", "redo"].

See the dropdown menu demo for examples.


  // enable and configure dropdown menu
  dropdownMenu={['remove_col', '---------', 'make_read_only', 'alignment']}


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dropdownMenu.dropdownMenu : boolean | object | Array<string>

The dropdownMenu option configures the DropdownMenu plugin.

You can set the dropdownMenu option to one of the following:

Setting Description
false Disable the DropdownMenu plugin
true - Enable the DropdownMenu plugin
- Use the default context menu options
An array - Enable the DropdownMenu plugin
- Modify individual context menu options
An object - Enable the DropdownMenu plugin
- Apply a custom dropdown menu configuration

Read more:

Default: undefined

// enable the `DropdownMenu` plugin
// use the default context menu options
dropdownMenu: true,

// enable the `DropdownMenu` plugin
// and modify individual context menu options
dropdownMenu: ['---------', 'undo', 'redo'],

// enable the `DropdownMenu` plugin
// and apply a custom dropdown menu configuration
dropdownMenu: {
  items: {
    'option1': {
      name: 'Option 1'
    'option2': {
      name: 'Option 2',
      submenu: {
        items: [
            key: 'option2:suboption1',
            name: 'Suboption 1',
            callback(key, options) {



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DropdownMenu.DEFAULT_ITEMS ⇒ Array

Default menu items order when dropdownMenu is enabled by setting the config item to true.



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Closes dropdown menu.


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Destroys the plugin instance.


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Disables the plugin functionality for this Handsontable instance.


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Enables the plugin functionality for this Handsontable instance.

Emits: Hooks#event:afterDropdownMenuDefaultOptions, Hooks#event:beforeDropdownMenuSetItems


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dropdownMenu.executeCommand(commandName, ...params)

Executes context menu command.

The executeCommand() method works only for selected cells.

When no cells are selected, executeCommand() doesn't do anything.

You can execute all predefined commands:

  • 'col_left' - Insert column left
  • 'col_right' - Insert column right
  • 'clear_column' - Clear selected column
  • 'remove_col' - Remove column
  • 'undo' - Undo last action
  • 'redo' - Redo last action
  • 'make_read_only' - Make cell read only
  • 'alignment:left' - Alignment to the left
  • 'alignment:top' - Alignment to the top
  • 'alignment:right' - Alignment to the right
  • 'alignment:bottom' - Alignment to the bottom
  • 'alignment:middle' - Alignment to the middle
  • 'alignment:center' - Alignment to the center (justify).

Or you can execute command registered in settings where key is your command name.

Param Type Description
commandName string Command name to execute.
...params * Additional parameters passed to the command executor.


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dropdownMenu.isEnabled() ⇒ boolean

Checks if the plugin is enabled in the handsontable settings. This method is executed in Hooks#beforeInit hook and if it returns true then the DropdownMenu#enablePlugin method is called.


Source code, offset)

Opens menu and re-position it based on the passed coordinates.

Emits: Hooks#event:beforeDropdownMenuShow, Hooks#event:afterDropdownMenuShow

Param Type Description
position Object
An object with top and left properties which contains coordinates relative to the browsers viewport (without included scroll offsets). Or if the native event is passed the menu will be positioned based on the pageX and pageY coordinates.
offset Object An object allows applying the offset to the menu position.


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Updates the plugin's state.

This method is executed when updateSettings() is invoked with any of the following configuration options: