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# HiddenColumns

# Description

The HiddenColumns plugin lets you hide specified columns.

"Hiding a column" means that the hidden column doesn't get rendered as a DOM element.

The HiddenColumns plugin doesn't modify the source data, and doesn't participate in data transformation (the shape of the data returned by the getData*() methods stays intact).

You can set the following configuration options:

Option Required Type Default Description
columns No Array - Hides specified columns by default
indicators No Boolean false Shows UI indicators
copyPasteEnabled No Boolean true Sets up copy/paste behavior


const container = document.getElementById('example');
const hot = new Handsontable(container, {
  data: getData(),
  hiddenColumns: {
    copyPasteEnabled: true,
    indicators: true,
    columns: [1, 2, 5]

// access the `HiddenColumns` plugin's instance
const hiddenColumnsPlugin = hot.getPlugin('hiddenColumns');

// hide a single column

// hide multiple columns
hiddenColumnsPlugin.hideColumn(1, 2, 9);

// hide multiple columns as an array
hiddenColumnsPlugin.hideColumns([1, 2, 9]);

// unhide a single column

// unhide multiple columns
hiddenColumnsPlugin.showColumn(1, 2, 9);

// unhide multiple columns as an array
hiddenColumnsPlugin.showColumns([1, 2, 9]);

// to see your changes, re-render your Handsontable instance

# Options

# hiddenColumns

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hiddenColumns.hiddenColumns : boolean | object

The hiddenColumns option enables and configures the HiddenColumns plugin.

To enable the HiddenColumns plugin, set the hiddenColumns option to true.

To enable the HiddenColumns plugin and configure its settings, set the hiddenColumns option to an object with the following properties:

  • columns: An array of indexes of columns that are hidden on plugin initialization.
  • copyPasteEnabled: When set to true, takes hidden columns into account when copying or pasting data.
  • indicators: When set to true, displays UI markers to indicate the presence of hidden columns.

Default: undefined Example

// enable the `HiddenColumns` plugin
hiddenColumns: true,

// or enable `HiddenColumns` plugin, and configure its settings
hiddenColumns: {
  // set columns that are hidden by default
  columns: [5, 10, 15],
  // take hidden columns into account when copying or pasting
  copyPasteEnabled: true,
  // show where hidden columns are
  indicators: true

# Methods

# destroy

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Destroys the plugin instance.

# disablePlugin

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Disables the plugin functionality for this Handsontable instance.

# enablePlugin

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Enables the plugin functionality for this Handsontable instance.

# getHiddenColumns

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hiddenColumns.getHiddenColumns() ⇒ Array<number>

Returns an array of visual indexes of hidden columns.

# hideColumn

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Hides a single column.

Param Type Description
...column number Visual column index.

# hideColumns

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Hides the columns provided in the array.

Param Type Description
columns Array<number> Array of visual column indexes.

# isEnabled

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hiddenColumns.isEnabled() ⇒ boolean

Checks if the plugin is enabled in the handsontable settings. This method is executed in Hooks#beforeInit hook and if it returns true than the HiddenColumns#enablePlugin method is called.

# isHidden

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hiddenColumns.isHidden(column) ⇒ boolean

Checks if the provided column is hidden.

Param Type Description
column number Visual column index.

# isValidConfig

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hiddenColumns.isValidConfig(hiddenColumns) ⇒ boolean

Get if trim config is valid. Check whether all of the provided column indexes are within the bounds of the table.

Param Type Description
hiddenColumns Array List of hidden column indexes.

# showColumn

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Shows a single column.

Param Type Description
...column number Visual column index.

# showColumns

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Shows the provided columns.

Param Type Description
columns Array<number> Array of visual column indexes.

# updatePlugin

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Updates the plugin state. This method is executed when Core#updateSettings is invoked.

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024