React Data Grid Column component


You can configure the column-related settings using the HotColumn component's props. You can also create custom renderers and editors using React components.

Declaring column settings

To declare column-specific settings, pass the settings as HotColumn props, either separately or wrapped as a settings prop, exactly as you would with HotTable.

    Object data source

    When you use object data binding for <HotColumn/>, you need to provide precise information about the data structure for columns. To do so, refer to your object-based data property in HotColumn's data prop, for example, <HotColumn data='id' />:

      An advanced example

      In this example, the custom editor component is created with an external dependency. This acts as both renderer and editor. The renderer uses information from that component in the first column to change the way it behaves. Information is passed using Redux and react-redux's connect method.