JavaScript Data Grid Handsontable documentation

What is Handsontable?

Handsontable (pronounced "hands-on-table") is a JavaScript data grid component that provides the well-known look and feel of spreadsheet applications.

Thousands of business apps depend on Handsontable for entering, editing, validating, and cleansing data that comes from remote sources such as databases and APIs, or from HTML documents, Excel files, Google Sheets, and manual input.

Get started with Handsontable

To jump straight into the sample code, open Handsontable's demo app at CodeSandbox. Get your data grid up and running in just a few minutes:

Then, move on to connecting your data and configuring Handsontable's built-in features. For more complex implementations, use Handsontable's API.


Customize the grid

Supported frameworks

Handsontable supports popular JavaScript frameworks through wrappers. It also features a TypeScript declaration file that standardizes the API methods, hooks, and options.

Explore Handsontable's documentation for React, Angular, Vue 2, and Vue 3.

What can I use Handsontable for?

Think of Handsontable as an extensible framework that lets you quickly build tabular, data-oriented user interfaces.

Choose those of the built-in features that you need, and customize the rest through your own cell types, plugins, and the comprehensive API. Provide your users with a highly personalized experience, tailor-made for your business case and unmatched by off-the-shelf software.

Real-life use cases

Handsontable helps developers solve real-life problems. A few examples:

  • In an internal financial application, an editable, Handsontable-based grid simplifies the process of importing hand-picked data from Excel and Google Sheets.
  • In a construction company's software, an interactive data table built with Handsontable helps users modify codes and standards tables.
  • At a hospital, Handsontable helps with tracking and managing supplies.
  • A mobile game company uses Handsontable to streamline certain aspects of the development.
  • In project management software, Handsontable allows managers to collect weekly feedback from the team and customers.

Types of software

Handsontable's vast set of built-in features and its near-infinite customizability keep it present across different industries and types of software, for example:

  • Data modeling applications
  • Resource planning software
  • ERP software
  • Construction digital platforms
  • Commission automation tools
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Reporting platforms for citizens
  • Data management systems

Technical support

Implementing Handsontable requires a certain level of front-end development skills. In case you need help, and can't find a solution in the documentation, reach out to us. If you have a commercial Handsontable license, and your support plan is active, contact our Support Team at


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