JavaScript Data Grid Comments


This feature makes it possible to add, edit and remove comments in Handsontable easily.

Enabling the plugin

Set the comments configuration option to true to enable the feature and add all the needed context menu items. For example:

const hot = new Handsontable(container, {
  data: Handsontable.helper.createSpreadsheetData(10, 10),
  comments: true

Adding comments via the context menu

After you've enabled the plugin, the Context Menu gains a few new items:

  • Add/Edit comment
  • Delete comment
  • Read-only comment

Setting up pre-set comments

You can also pre-define comments for your table. Comments are stored in the table's/column's/cell's metadata object and can be declared as any value of that type. For example:

cell: [
  { row: 1, col: 1, comment: { value: 'Hello world!' } }

In this example, the comment "Hello world!" is added to the cell at (1,1).

Basic example

    Make a comment read-only

    By default, all comments are editable. To change this, set the readOnly configuration option to true when adding a comment. This example makes the "Tesla" comment attached to a cell read-only, whereas the "Honda" comment attached to another cell is editable.

      Set a comment box's size

      To set the width and height of a comment box, use the style parameter.

        Set a delay for displaying comments

        To display comments after a pre-configured time delay, use the displayDelay parameter.