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# DragToScroll

# Description

Plugin used to scroll Handsontable by selecting a cell and dragging outside of the visible viewport.

# Options

# dragToScroll

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dragToScroll.dragToScroll : boolean

The dragToScroll option configures the DragToScroll plugin.

You can set the dragToScroll option to one of the following:

Setting Description
true (default) When selection reaches the edge of the grid's viewport, scroll the viewport
false Don't scroll the viewport

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Default: true Example

// when selection reaches the edge of the grid's viewport, scroll the viewport
dragToScroll: true,

# Members

# boundaries

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dragToScroll.boundaries : DOMRect

Size of an element and its position relative to the viewport, e.g. {bottom: 449, height: 441, left: 8, right: 814, top: 8, width: 806, x: 8, y:8}.

# Methods

# check

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dragToScroll.check(x, y)

Checks if the mouse position (X, Y) is outside of the viewport and fires a callback with calculated X an Y diffs between passed boundaries.

Param Type Description
x number Mouse X coordinate to check.
y number Mouse Y coordinate to check.

# destroy

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Destroys the plugin instance.

# disablePlugin

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Disables the plugin functionality for this Handsontable instance.

# enablePlugin

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Enables the plugin functionality for this Handsontable instance.

# isEnabled

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dragToScroll.isEnabled() ⇒ boolean

Checks if the plugin is enabled in the handsontable settings. This method is executed in Hooks#beforeInit hook and if it returns true than the DragToScroll#enablePlugin method is called.

# setBoundaries

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Sets the value of the visible element.

Param Type Description
boundaries DOMRect An object with coordinates compatible with DOMRect.

# setCallback

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Changes callback function.

Param Type Description
callback function The callback function.

# updatePlugin

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Updates the plugin state. This method is executed when Core#updateSettings is invoked.

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2024