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This page covers a non-latest version of Handsontable.

# Autofill

# Description

This plugin provides "drag-down" and "copy-down" functionalities, both operated using the small square in the right bottom of the cell selection.

"Drag-down" expands the value of the selected cells to the neighbouring cells when you drag the small square in the corner.

"Copy-down" copies the value of the selection to all empty cells below when you double click the small square.

# Members

# autoInsertRow

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autofill.autoInsertRow : boolean

Specifies if can insert new rows if needed.

# Methods

# destroy

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Destroys the plugin instance.

# disablePlugin

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Disables the plugin functionality for this Handsontable instance.

# enablePlugin

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Enables the plugin functionality for this Handsontable instance.

# isEnabled

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autofill.isEnabled() ⇒ boolean

Checks if the plugin is enabled in the Handsontable settings.

# updatePlugin

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Updates the plugin state. This method is executed when Core#updateSettings is invoked.

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2024