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# Search

# Description

The search plugin provides an easy interface to search data across Handsontable.

In order to enable search mechanism, Options#search option must be set to true.


// as boolean
search: true
// as a object with one or more options
search: {
  callback: myNewCallbackFunction,
  queryMethod: myNewQueryMethod,
  searchResultClass: 'customClass'

// Access to search plugin instance:
const searchPlugin = hot.getPlugin('search');

// Set callback programmatically:
// Set query method programmatically:
// Set search result cells class programmatically:

# Options

# search

Source code (opens new window) : boolean

Setting to true enables the Search plugin (see demo).

Default: false Example

// enable search plugin
search: true,

// or
// as an object with detailed configuration
search: {
  searchResultClass: 'customClass',
  queryMethod: function(queryStr, value) {
  callback: function(instance, row, column, value, result) {

# Methods

# destroy

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Destroys the plugin instance.

# disablePlugin

Source code (opens new window)


Disables the plugin functionality for this Handsontable instance.

# enablePlugin

Source code (opens new window)


Enables the plugin functionality for this Handsontable instance.

# getCallback

Source code (opens new window)

search.getCallback() ⇒ function

Gets the callback function.

Returns: function - Return the callback function.

# getQueryMethod

Source code (opens new window)

search.getQueryMethod() ⇒ function

Gets the query method function.

Returns: function - Return the query method.

# getSearchResultClass

Source code (opens new window)

search.getSearchResultClass() ⇒ string

Gets search result cells class name.

Returns: string - Return the cell class name.

# isEnabled

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search.isEnabled() ⇒ boolean

Checks if the plugin is enabled in the handsontable settings. This method is executed in Hooks#beforeInit hook and if it returns true than the AutoRowSize#enablePlugin method is called.

# query

Source code (opens new window)

search.query(queryStr, [callback], [queryMethod]) ⇒ Array<object>

Makes the query.

Param Type Description
queryStr string Value to be search.
[callback] function optional Callback function performed on cells with values which matches to the searched query.
[queryMethod] function optional Query function responsible for determining whether a query matches the value stored in a cell.

Returns: Array<object> - Return an array of objects with row, col, data properties or empty array.

# setCallback

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Sets the callback function. This function will be called during querying for each cell.

Param Type Description
newCallback function A callback function.

# setQueryMethod

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Sets the query method function. The function is responsible for determining whether a query matches the value stored in a cell.

Param Type Description
newQueryMethod function A function with specific match logic.

# setSearchResultClass

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Sets search result cells class name. This class name will be added to each cell that belongs to the searched query.

Param Type Description
newElementClass string CSS class name.

# updatePlugin

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Updates the plugin state. This method is executed when Core#updateSettings is invoked.

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024