React Data Grid Available plugins

Plugin Name Description
AutoColumnSize Automatically adjusts the column's width to the size of the content.
AutoRowSize Automatically adjusts the row's height to the size of the content.
Autofill Drag the fill handle - a square in the bottom right corner of the cell to fill cells with the data series.
BindRowsWithHeaders Bind rows with headers to lock the row number, always displaying them side by side. Especially useful when each row has its unique ID.
CollapsibleColumns Expand and collapse columns.
ColumnSorting Sort data in ascending or descending order throughout the column (note: this plugin also represents the ability to sort rows, its name might cause confusion).
ColumnSummary Make pre-defined basic calculations (such as average, sum, max, min) and display the results.
Comments Provide an additional note about the cell to help better understand its content.
ContextMenu Right-click to open a context menu.
CopyPaste Copy, cut, and paste data.
CustomBorders Apply a custom border style around a single cell or a range of cells.
DragToScroll Drag the selection outside of the viewport to enable scrolling.
DropdownMenu Add a menu to the column header to enable additional operations for the column.
ExportFile Export the data to a CSV file (note: this plugin provides a capability to export the data to only a CSV file type, its name might cause confusion).
Filters Display rows that meet your criteria and hide the rest.
Formulas Use Excel-like functions inside of cells to perform calculations.
HiddenColumns Hide specific columns.
HiddenRows Hide specific rows.
ManualColumnFreeze Pin the columns to the left to keep them visible while scrolling.
ManualColumnMove Drag a column to change its order in the data grid.
ManualColumnResize Drag the sizing handle to change the width of a column.
ManualRowMove Drag a row to change its order in the data grid.
ManualRowResize Drag the sizing handle to change the height of a row.
MergeCells Span the cells across multiple rows or columns.
MultiColumnSorting Sort the rows by multiple columns.
NestedHeaders Create a nested, hierarchical structure of column headers to put your data into groups.
NestedRows Enable editable views of data sources with nested (tree/parent-child) structures.
PersistentState Save the state of column sorting, column positions, and column sizes in local storage to preserve the table state between page reloads.
Search Search for specific values in the displayed data across the table.
TrimRows Exclude the specific rows from being rendered and calculated by the data grid. This feature is mainly used internally, for example, in the filter plugin.
UndoRedo Undo or redo changes made by the user.