JavaScript Data Grid Versioning policy

Handsontable follows the principles of Semantic Versioning (opens new window) (SemVer).


We use the version format of X.Y.Z (Major.Minor.Patch), incrementing them when a certain type of change occurs to the code.

The following table outlines which number would change when a Major, Minor, or Patch release occurs:

Type Version number Description
Major X (X.y.z) Any backward-incompatible changes are introduced to the public API.
Minor Y (x.Y.z) New backward-compatible functionality is introduced to the public API, or if any public API functionality is marked as deprecated.
Patch Z (x.y.Z) Backward-compatible bug fixes are introduced. We define a bug fix as an internal change that fixes an incorrect behavior of Handsontable.

Versioning of framework variants

Up to Handsontable 8.3.2, each framework variant of Handsontable was versioned separately:

Starting with version 8.4.0 (released in May 2021), all framework variants of Handsontable have the same version number.