This page covers a next version of Handsontable, and is not published yet.

This page covers a non-latest version of Handsontable.

# Checkbox cell type

# Overview

Data in these cells will be rendered as a checkbox and can be easily changed by checking/unchecking the checkbox. Checking and unchecking can be performed using a mouse or by pressing SPACE. You can change the state of multiple cells at once by selecting the cells you want to change and pressing SPACE.

# Checkbox true/false values

This is the default usage scenario where column data has a true or false value, and we only want to display checkboxes.

    # Checkbox template

    If you want to use values other than true and false, you have to provide this information using checkedTemplate and uncheckedTemplate. Handsontable will then update your data using the appropriate template.

      # Checkbox labels

      To add a label to the checkbox, use the label option. You can declare where the label will be injected with this option - either before or after the checkbox element. You can also declare from which data source the label text will be updated.