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# FocusableElement

# Members

# container

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focusableWrapper.container : HTMLElement

Parent for an focusable element.

# eventManager

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focusableWrapper.eventManager : EventManager

Instance of EventManager.

# listenersCount

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focusableWrapper.listenersCount : WeakSet

An object for tracking information about event listeners attached to the focusable element.

# mainElement

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focusableWrapper.mainElement : HTMLElement

The main/operational focusable element.

# Methods

# focus

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Set focus to the focusable element.

# getFocusableElement

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focusableWrapper.getFocusableElement() ⇒ HTMLElement

Get currently set focusable element.

# setFocusableElement

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Switch to the main focusable element.

Param Type Description
element HTMLElement The DOM element.

# useSecondaryElement

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Switch to the secondary focusable element. Used when no any main focusable element is provided.

Last Updated: Jan 27, 2022