Your contributions to this project are very welcome. If you want to fix a bug or propose a new feature, you can open a new Pull Request but first make sure it follows these general rules:

  1. Sign this Contributor License Agreement to allow us to publish your changes to the code.
  2. Make your changes on a separate branch. This will speed up the merging process.
  3. Always make the target of your pull request the `develop` branch, not `master`.
  4. Do not edit files in `dist/` (e.g: `handsontable.js`, `handsontable.css`, `handsontable.full.js`, `handsontable.full.css`, `languages/all.js`) and `languages/` (e.g: `en-US.js`, `pl-PL.js`) directories. Instead, edit files inside the `src/` directory and then use `npm run build` to make a build. More information about this you can find here.
  5. Important: For any change you make, please add at least one test case** in `test/e2e/` (for End-to-End tests), `test/unit/` or `src/3rdparty/walkontable/test/spec/`. That will help us understand the issue and make sure that it stays fixed forever. Read more about our testing process.
  6. Please lint the code, i.e. by npm run lint task. It should follow our coding style, inspired by Airbnb JavaScript Style.
  7. Add a thorough description of all the changes.

Thank you for your commitment!

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