Class responsible for all of the Selection-related operations on merged cells.



Class name used for fully selected merged cells.


Reference to the Merge Cells plugin.


getSelectedMergedCellClassName(currentRow, currentColumn, cornersOfSelection, layerLevel){String|undefined}

Generate an additional class name for the entirely-selected merged cells.

Name Type Description
currentRow Number

Row index of the currently processed cell.

currentColumn Number

Column index of the currently cell.

cornersOfSelection Array

Array of the current selection in a form of [startRow, startColumn, endRow, endColumn].

layerLevel Number | undefined

Number indicating which layer of selection is currently processed.

Returns: {String|undefined} A String, which will act as an additional className to be added to the currently processed cell.


Generate an array of the entirely-selected merged cells' class names.

Returns: {Array.<String>} An Array of Strings. Each of these strings will act like class names to be removed from all the cells in the table.

getUpdatedSelectionRange(oldSelectionRange, delta){CellRange}

Get a selection range with to property incremented by the provided delta.

Name Type Description
oldSelectionRange CellRange

The base selection range.

delta Object

The delta object with row and col properties.

Returns: {CellRange} A new CellRange object.

isMergeCellFullySelected(mergedCell, selectionRangesArray){Boolean}

Check if the provided merged cell is fully selected (by one or many layers of selection)

Name Type Description
mergedCell MergedCellCoords

The merged cell to be processed.

selectionRangesArray Array.<CellRange>

Array of selection ranges.

Returns: {Boolean}

snapDelta(delta, selectionRange, mergedCell)

"Snap" the delta value according to defined merged cells. (In other words, compensate the rowspan -
e.g. going up with delta.row = -1 over a merged cell with rowspan = 3, delta.row should change to -3.)

Name Type Description
delta Object

The delta object containing row and col properties.

selectionRange CellRange

The selection range.

mergedCell Object

A merged cell object.

Class: SelectionCalculations