React Data Grid LinkedPhysicalIndexToValueMap


Map for storing mappings from an physical index to a value. Those entries are linked and stored in a certain order.

It does not update stored values on remove/add row or column action. Otherwise, order of entries is updated after such changes.



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Clear value for particular index.

Param Type Description
physicalIndex number Physical index.


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linkedPhysicalIndexToValueMap.getEntries() ⇒ Array

Get every entry containing index and value, respecting order of indexes.


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linkedPhysicalIndexToValueMap.getLength() ⇒ number

Get length of the index map.


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linkedPhysicalIndexToValueMap.getValues() ⇒ Array

Get full list of ordered values for particular indexes.


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linkedPhysicalIndexToValueMap.setValueAtIndex(index, value, position) ⇒ boolean

Set value at index and add it to the linked list of entries. Entries are stored in a certain order.

Note: Value will be added at the end of the queue.

Param Type Description
index number The index.
value * The value to save.
position number Position to which entry will be added.


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Set new values for particular indexes. Entries are linked and stored in a certain order.

Note: Please keep in mind that change hook triggered by the method may not update cache of a collection immediately.

Param Type Description
values Array List of set values.
Last update: Apr 3, 2024