Tutorial: Numeric


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By default, Handsontable treats all cell values as string type. This is because <textarea> returns a string as its value. In many cases you will prefer cell values to be treated as number type. This allows to format numbers nicely and sort them correctly.

To trigger the Numeric cell type, use the option type: 'numeric' in columns array or cells function. Make sure your cell values are numbers and not strings as Handsontable will not parse strings to numbers. Numeric cell type uses Numbro.js as the formatting library. Head over to their website to learn about the formatting syntax.

To use number formatting style valid for your language (i18n), load language definition to Numbro.js. See "Languages" section in Numbro.js docs for more info.

Note that all the positive and negative integers whose magnitude is no greater than 253 (+/- 9007199254740991) are representable in the Number type (safe integer). Any calculations that are performed on bigger numbers won't be calculated precisely due to JavaScript limitation (more at w3schools).

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