Tracking First is a data governance and data quality assurance company assisting marketing teams. They focus on eliminating gaps in team communication that lead to inaccurate campaign reporting. Marketers shouldn't need to know everything that analysts know - and vice versa. Their mission is to make sure that companies are getting full value from their analytics data, and to ensure that analysts spend their time contributing value to campaign optimization, rather than managing spreadsheets and doing data cleanup.

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The Challenge

As Craig Scribner, CEO at Tracking First says, they engaged with Handsontable to enable their clients to construct their tracking code classifications in a spreadsheet format, within the system. They wanted them to have the full functionality of spreadsheet software, but within the environment of the application.

The Solution

The alternative was to embed actual sheets into the application, which would have led to a less clean interface. Thanks to Handsontable, they have a simple, editable spreadsheet experience that is highly customizable for them, and for each client who logs into their system.

This vastly improves the user experience for clients of Tracking First. Multiple codes can be generated easily, tailored to each company's classification standards, in a flexible, seamless interface.

Quote We've found Handsontable to be a good partner: easy to work with and attentive to the specifications of our product.

Results and Plans for Future

Tracking First plans to design some improvements to the existing service - including a master dashboard for the main contact at each client company, allowing that person to see all the tracking codes and tables built by their teams within a specified timespan. Having the use of a tool like Handsontable will allow Tracking First to make these improvements. Finally, as Craig Scribner says, they've found Handsontable to be a good partner: easy to work with and attentive to the specifications of their product.

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Craig Scribner

Craig Scribner

CEO at Tracking First