Handsontable 7.1.1 released

Peter Plesa Release Notes / August 12, 2019

Handsontable 7.1.1 released

Today’s release of Handsontable 7.1.1 comes with many improvements. Notably, we’ve fixed a couple scrolling-related problems and resolved a performance issue with the Custom Borders plugin. We’ve also refactored the Walkontable table renderers, which is the first step in our bigger commitment to rendering performance. For all the details, check out the list below.


  • Refactored the Walkontable table renderers. (#6089)
  • Changed the underlying format for empty cells. From now on, all empty cells are stored internally as null. The only exceptions are:-
    • empty cells that have been edited and saved as an empty string,
    • empty cells that have been copied and pasted.
      In both of these cases, they are stored as an empty string ''. (#4106)
  • Removed the yarn.lock file from the repository and updated the Node version in the Travis configuration file. (#6161)
  • Added a missing rootInstanceSymbol property to Handsontable to allow using new Handsontable.Core properly. (#6040)
  • Fixed a bug where copying/pasting/deleting data for autocomplete-type cells caused an error to be thrown. (#6033)
  • Refactored the Custom Borders plugin to resolve problems with its performance. (#6052)
  • Optimized the use of arrays for the V8 engine in the parseTable module. (#6060)
  • Fixed a problem where scrolling the dropdown menu scrolled the entire table. (#5913)
  • Fixed a bug where removing a change in the beforeChange hook callback broke the table. (#5893)
  • Fixed a problem where cutting the value from a checkbox-type cell made it switch to #bad-value#. (#4106)
  • Fixed a bug where the getCell method returned undefined, while it wasn’t supposed to. (#6079)
  • Updated Jasmine and made changes to the tests and their configuration in order for them to pass in the browser and prevent memory leaks. (#6077, #6096)
  • Changed the way the afterColumnMove hook works; now it won’t fire if the beforeColumnMove hook callback canceled the action. (#5958)
  • Fixed a problem with the Undo feature reverting the editing actions that didn’t make any changes to the data. (#4072)
  • Fixed a bug where the dropdown editor did not work properly when there were multiple Handsontable instances implemented on the page. (#6122)
  • Fixed the tests for Windows. (#5878)
  • Fixed the npm audit security errors. (#6130)
  • Fixed a problem with scrolling not working properly when hovering over the Handsontable container. (#5212)
  • Refactored the toMatchHTML Jasmine matcher to make tests pass on Firefox. (#6148)
  • Fixed the getCell method for fixed bottom rows, which was causing the selection to work improperly. (#6084)
  • Fixed a bug where the table height increased every time the window had been resized. (#3433)
  • Corrected some minor mistakes in the JSDocs and Typescript definitions. (#6123, #6125, #6142, #6152, #6158, #6160, #6129)

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