Handsontable 7.1.0 is now available

Aleksandra Budnik Release Notes / June 11, 2019

Handsontable 7.1.0 is now available

We’ve just released Handsontable 7.1.0. This version includes a new feature that allows users to create HTML tables from Handsontable instances and acquire Handsontable settings from HTML tables. This addition introduces new API methods as well. Check out the details below.


  • Added a new feature that allows users to parse HTML tables into Handsontable settings and Handsontable instances to plain HTML tables. This change introduces these new API methods: (#5684)
    • Handsontable.helper.instanceToHTML: (instance: Handsontable.Core) => string – parses the provided Handsontable instance to an HTML table as a string
    • Handsontable.helper.htmlToGridSettings(element: Element | string, rootDocument?: Document) => Handsontable.DefaultSettings – analyzes a static HTML table and returns a Handsontable-compatible settings object
    • hotInstance.toTableElement: () => HTMLTableElement – converts the Handsontable instance to a static HTML table
    • hotInstance.toHTML: () => string – same as Handsontable.helper.instanceToHTML, but the instance is already bound
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn’t possible to block Undo/Redo plugin keyboard shortcuts. (#6028)
  • Corrected the ManualColumnMove type definitions. (#6011)
  • Fixed a problem with pasting multi-line data from Excel and Google Sheets. (#5970, #5622)
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn’t possible to paste merged cells from Excel. (#5940)
  • Fixed a problem with copying cells with longer content from Excel or Google Sheets. (#5925)
  • Fixed a problem with Handsontable not adding the carriage return character to pasted data. (#5826, #5647)
  • Fixed some NestedRows performance issues on large datasets. (#5711)
  • Fixed a bug where placing SVG in a cell caused a ManualColumnMove error. (#4120)
  • Fixed a bug where using the Undo functionality did not revert the selection to its original position. (#6017)
  • Fixed a bug where the getCell method, when used with the topmost argument set to true, did not return the correct cell elements from the bottom overlay. (#5896)
  • Added the possibility to return false from the beforeCreateCol hook to stop column creation. (#5691)

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