Handsontable for Angular is now 5.0.0

Peter Plesa Release Notes / May 22, 2019

Handsontable for Angular is now 5.0.0

Today we’ve released a new Handsontable for Angular version. We’re happy to inform you that, starting with v5.0.0, you can go back to using hook callbacks the same way as in the vanilla version. The additional argument, introduced in v2.0.0 to prevent overwriting context, has been removed.

Breaking change

  • We’ve improved support for hook callbacks. The additional argument, present since v2.0.0, is no longer required. Thanks to this change, the wrapper is 100% compatible with our definitions for Handsotable.GridSettings. (#123)

New feature

  • Wrapper exposes information about its version. (#146)




import { HotTableModule } from '@handsontable/angular';


Bug fix

  • Initialisation is now performed in two separate steps. It solves the problem where the instance was not assigned to any variable during initialisation. (#151)

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