Handsontable 7.3.0 is here

Jan Siegel Release Notes / December 12, 2019

Handsontable 7.3.0 is here

We are happy to announce that Handsontable 7.3.0 has just been released. This version introduces a new uiContainer option to be used inside of Context Menu and Dropdown Menu plugins. It allows declaring the location of the plugins’ DOM elements. The changes are followed by some smaller fixes and improvements.

A full list of changes is available below.

New features

  • uiContainer for contextMenu plugin

Version 7.3.0 introduces a new option to the Context Menu plugin – a uiContainer. (#6283, #6417)

 contextMenu: { 
    uiContainer: ... // reference to an element 

It allows the user to add a reference to a DOM element that will serve as a container in which the whole Context Menu element will be placed. It comes in handy especially if Handsontable is instantiated in an iframe or other element that trimms the content.

Before the change, the area of an element was always trimmed. Now, after poitinig to a specific container, the element no longer slips under the frame:

Users are given the choice whether they want to set the option as enabled or not, based on the desired effect.

  • uiContainer for dropdownMenu plugin

The very same effect is now reachable for dropdownMenu plugin:

dropdownMenu: {
  uiContainer: ... // reference to an element

Before and after comparison:


  • Fixed a problem with table resizing on every scroll event on Firefox, when no table height was defined. (#6344)
  • Updated the puppeteer package in the devDependencies section to get rid of the npm audit security error. (#6393)
  • Removed the unneeded CNAME_ file from the repo. (#6389)
  • Fixed a problem, where pasting data from Excel caused Handsontable to throw an error. (#6217)
  • Fixed a bug, where data pasted from Excel would get improperly formatted in Handsontable. (#6258)
  • Fixed a bug, where the & < > ' " characters in the pasted data would be automatically changed to their equivalent HTML entities. (#1535)
  • Fixed a bug, where opening the system’s context menu, hitting ESC  and moving the cursor outside of the container would scroll the table. (#5846)
  • Fixed a problem, where right-clicking on a disabled entry in Handsontable’s context menu would open the system’s context menu. (#5846)
  • Fixed a bug, where right-clicking on an active entry in Handsontable’s context menu would open another context menu. (#5846)
  • Fixed a test case for Context Menu’s scrolling. (#6449)
  • Modified the container size in the the tests’ DOM helper file. (#6446)

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