Handsontable 8.0.0-beta.1 released

Anna Cieślik Release Notes / November 14, 2019

Handsontable 8.0.0-beta.1 released

We are excited to announce that Handsontable 8.0.0-beta.1 has just been released. This version is focused mainly on a new row and column management that resolved the issues with imperfect calculation between physical and visual indexes. We are working on a stable 8.0.0 version along with a migration guide to provide a seamless upgrade experience.

Breaking changes

  • In order to fix recurring issues with plugins we implemented a new architecture for row and column management. The new approach offers an easier and more straightforward way to perform CRUD and move operations on rows and columns. The refactor is global and affected several parts of the library therefore resulting in the following breaking changes:
    • The observeChanges plugin is no longer enabled by columnSorting and became deprecated.
    • Modifying the table’s data by reference and calling render() will not work as it used to anymore. From this point onward, all the data-related operations need to be performed using the API methods, such as populateFromArray or setDataAtCell.
    • The modifyRowmodifyColunmodifyRowunmodifyCol and  skipLengthCache hooks are no longer needed and were removed.
    • The manualColumnFreeze plugin doesn’t use the manualColumnMove plugin anymore.
    • The collapsibleColumns plugin doesn’t use the hiddenColumns plugin anymore.
    • The nestedRows plugin doesn’t use the trimRows plugin anymore.
    • The filters plugin doesn’t use the trimRows plugin anymore.
    • The minSpareRows and minRows options will ensure that the number of visible rows corresponds to the value provided to them (for example, the trimRows plugin won’t have an impact on the number of displayed rows).
    • Methods like toPhysicalRowtoVisualColumn, etc. now return null for non-existent rows/columns.
    • The afterLoadData hook receives a different set of arguments. It used to be just the initialLoad flag, now the first argument is sourceData, followed by initialLoad.
    • The manualColumnFreeze plugin will now put the unfrozen columns right next to the last frozen one.
    • The RecordTranslator object and the t property available in the plugins were removed.
    • after-prefixed hooks (afterLoadDataafterFilter, etc.) are now called just before the render call.
    • Newly created rows and columns are now placed in the source data in the place calculated from its position in the visual context (they “stick” to their adjacent rows/columns).
    • When the nestedRows plugin is enabled, moving rows will be possible only using the UI or by calling the dragRows method of the manualRowMove plugin. For more in-depth information about these changes, see the description of pull request #5945 (#5751).
  • The beforeRowResizeafterRowResizebeforeColumnResizeafterColumnResize hooks have the order of their arguments rearranged for the sake of consistency with other hooks (#3328). It was: (currentIndex: number, newSize: number, isDoubleClick: boolean). It changed to: (newSize: number, index: number, isDoubleClick: boolean).
  • Change the argument structure in collapsibleColumns‘ toggleCollapsibleSection method. It was: (coords: object, action: string), now it is: (coords: Array<object>, action: string).

New features (also present in the upcoming version 7.3.0)

  • We’re introducing a new option to the Context Menu plugin – uiContainer. It allows declaring a DOM container, where all the Context Menu’s element will be placed. It may come espacially handy when using Handsontable inside of an iframe or some other content-trimming context. (#6283, #6417)
  • We also added a uiContainer option to the Copy/Paste plugin. It works in a similar way to the one described above, but is used to declare the container for the Copy/Paste plugin’s DOM elements. (#6343)


  • Resolved a problem with data not being added to the table properly with the columnSorting option enabled. (#2685)
  • Fixed a problem with loadData not resetting the row order changed by the manualRowMove plugin. (#3568)
  • Fixed a bug, where using alter‘s insert_row after using the loadData method and sorting the data would add unintentional additional rows to the table. (#3809)
  • Fixed a bug, where blank rows appeared in the middle of the table after using loadData along with the minSpareRows option. (#3937)
  • Fixed a problem with the columnSummary plugin not working properly after adding new rows using the Context Menu and sorting the data. (#3924)
  • Fixed a bug, where calling loadData with an object-based data source would not work properly. (#4204)
  • Fixed a problem with the Hidden Columns settings being reset after calling updateSettings. (#4121)
  • Fixed a bug with the filters plugin using incorrect indexes after moving and/or sorting the table. (#4442)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a column to contain improper data after moving it to index 0. (#4470)
  • Fixed a bug with the afterRowMove hook receiving an improper target argument. (#4501)
  • Fixed a problem with the manualColumnFreeze plugin enabling manualColumnMove, even if it was declared as false. (#4553)
  • Fixed a problem with plugins using arrayMappers not working properly after updating the dataset. (#4567)
  • Fixed a bug, where calling loadData with minSpareRows and manualRowMove enabled caused the table to improperly load the data. (#4576)
  • Fixed a bug, where enabling columnSorting caused the manualColumnFreeze to be unusable. (#4601)
  • Fixed a problem, where the columns were assigned improper widths after inserting additional columns or removing any of them. (#4666)
  • Fixed a bug, where moving rows was impossible while persistentState was enabled. (#4713)
  • Fixed a bug, where manualColumnMove didn’t work if the dataset was empty. (#4926)
  • Fixed a bug with the collapseAll method from the collapsibleColumns plugin did not work properly if columnSorting was enabled. (#4999)
  • Created a shared row mapper for the columnSortingmanualRowMove, and trimRows plugins. (#5065)
  • Refactored the manualRowMove plugin to match the new architecture. (#5068)
  • Fixed a bug, where calling loadData with minSpareRows enabled would cause unwanted blank rows to appear. (#5707)
  • Fixed a bug with the afterColumnMove hook received improper target argument. (#5173)
  • Fixed a problem, where filtering data after moving rows would not work properly. (#5178)
  • Fixed a bug, where calling loadData made NaN appear in the column headers (#5369).
  • Fixed a bug with the skipColumnOnPaste option not working properly when using columnSorting and hiddenColumns. (#5824)
  • Fixed a bug with the trimRows plugin which did not work properly after moving rows. (#5860)
  • Fixed a problem with minSpareRows not working properly with the trimRows plugin enabled. (#5862)
  • Fixed a problem, where it was impossible to filter the data declared in the nestedRows plugin. (#5889)
  • Fixed a bug, where filtering and sorting data would cause the toVisualRow method to return the wrong results. (#5890)
  • Fixed a bug with the filters and trimRows plugins not working properly alongside each other (#5915).
  • Fixed a bug, where manualColumnMove would not work properly when the data object properties count would be lower than the table column count. (#5931)
  • Fixed a bug with the trimRows plugin did not work properly with the startRows option. (#5953)
  • Fixed a problem, where using loadData after sorting would not work as expected. (#5956)
  • Fixed a problem with the beforeColumnMove and afterColumnMove hooks missing information about their destination indexes. (#6005)
  • Fixed a problem where using filters and minSpareRows would make the table add an empty row at the beginning of the table. (#6278)
  • Fixed a bug with the manualRowMove plugin that would duplicate data in the moved rows if used with a row index greater than the table row count. (#6088)
  • Fixed a bug, where the toVisualRow method returned null when using the trimRows and columnSorting plugins together. (#6310)
  • Fixed a problem, where calling updateSettings in the afterColumnMove hook callback would have no effect. (#4480)
  • Fixed a bug, where calling loadData would make the filters plugin not to behave as expected. (#5244)
  • Fixed a bug, where detaching a child from a parent in the nestedRows plugin would cause a +/- button misalignment. (#5900)
  • Fixed a problem with the columnSummary plugin creating a doubled summary row. (#5794)
  • Fixed a bug, where moving children between parents using the nestedRows plugin would throw an error. (#6066)
  • Fixed a bug, where adding rows by modifying the data by reference while using the nestedRows plugin would throw an error. (#3914)
  • Fixed a bug, where merging cells would conflict with the columnSorting plugin. (#6086)
  • Fixed a bug, where the row headers would stay visible after removing all the table columns. (#6412)

The release includes changes from the upcoming 7.3.0 version:

  • Fixed a problem with table resizing on every scroll event on Firefox, when no table height was defined. (#6344)
  • Updated the puppeteer package in the devDependencies section to get rid of the npm audit security error. (#6393)
  • Removed the unneeded CNAME_ file from the repo. (#6389)
  • Fixed a problem, where pasting data from Excel caused Handsontable to throw an error. (#6217)
  • Fixed a bug, where data pasted from Excel would get improperly formatted in Handsontable. (#6258)
  • Fixed a bug, where the & < > ' " characters in the pasted data would be automatically changed to their equivalent HTML entities. (#1535)