Handsontable 7.2.0 released

Aleksandra Budnik Release Notes / October 15, 2019

Handsontable 7.2.0 released

We’ve just released Handsontable 7.2.0. In this version we focused on fixing many small but important issues. The Search Plugin gained a new argument in the queryMethod, containing more information about the cells being queried. We also updated the unsafe dependency packages and made some improvements to the TypeScript definition file. For other changes, check the full list below.


  • Added cellProperties to the arguments of search’s queryMethod so that it would be possible to tell what kind of data was being queried. (#4944)
  • Fixed a bug with a disappearing column header, when the  height  option is was set to auto. (#6302)
  • Fixed a problem with an error being thrown when trying the clear a column with the first cell set to readOnly. (#6246)
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to set data for a readOnly-typed cell, when any cell was selected. (#6214)
  • Fixed a problem with an error being thrown when pasting data to readOnly-typed cells. (#6209)
  • Fixed a problem with the Undo feature not working for columns defined as functions. (#6147)
  • Fixed a bug where this.TD was undefined in the editor’s  prepare  method when  fixedColumnsLeft  and  viewportColumnRenderingOffset were both set. (#6043)
  • Fixed a bug where the cell selection frame overlapped the bottom fixed rows. (#5947)
  • Fixed a problem with an error being thrown after initializing an empty table or removing all the data from the table and clicking the corner header. (#5126)
  • Fixed a problem with reloading data with a new set in the Nested Rows plugin. (#6339)
  • Rewrote some of the Walkontable methods to return correct information about the table. (#6191)
  • Made some improvements to the TypeScript definition file. (#6168, #6107, #6102, #6239, #6266)
  • Improved the documentation and definition files regarding the after- hooks for creating and removing rows/columns. (#6296)
  • Improved the documentation for the totalColumn option. (#6281)
  • Added a lint:fix script to be able to fix the lint errors from the CLI. (#6260)
  • Fixed all the tests for Windows and added run-script walkontable.watch. (#6187)
  • Removed the unused check-es3-syntax-cli package to fix Github’s security alert. (#6319)
  • Updated the dependencies to fix errors thrown by npm audit (#6318)

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