Handsontable 5.0.1 is now released

Aleksandra Budnik Release Notes / August 16, 2018

Handsontable 5.0.1 is now released

We’re in the middle of peak-season so the timing couldn’t be better for a patch release of Handsontable (5.0.1). It brings some important bug fixes reported by users on GitHub and through our support channels. This version is backward-compatible so bump your version as soon as possible to benefit from these latest changes.


  • Updated a README.md entry regarding typescript. (#29)
  • Changed an improper link in filters.js. (#103)
  • Added tests for the fixedRowsBottom synchronization issue. (#96)
  • Fixed a bug, where the Cmd + F / Ctrl + F key combination enabled the multiple selection mode. (#5302)
  • Added the getRegistered method to the typescript definition file. (#5262)
  • Fixed a bug, where hiding the custom border through the setBordersmethod did not work. (#5240)
  • Fixed a problem with opening the handsontable -typed cell multiple times. (#5195)
  • Fixed a problem with inconsistent row height in certain situations. (#4888)
  • Fixed a bug with autofill border overlapping the selection border. (#4810)
  • Fixed a bug, where pressing the down arrow would not scroll the table, when the row header was selected. (#3560)
  • Fixed a problem with calculating the column width after selecting an in-cell checkbox. (#3437)
  • Corrected all Handsontable CE ESLint warnings regarding the following rules:

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